Our Residents

Our Permanent Residents

There are hundreds of species that come in to the sanctuary every year. Some of these animals will stay with us due to ongoing health and behavioural problems.

Firstly we have the resident dogs, we currently have near to 30 dogs who will live with us forever, they range in shape and size but they all have the biggest hearts. We get a lot of dogs in which we help find forever homes for, local when possible. We rehome hundreds of dogs each year.

Deerhound Brothers

Scottish Deerhound

Bearded Collie

Bassett Hound


Black Lurcher

Female Whippet

Male Whippet

Old Lurcher


Great Dane

St Bernard

Border Collie





Chihuahua Cross

Cavalier Cross]


Terrier Cross




Jack Russell

Chihuahua Cross

Miniature Jack Russell


Yorkshire Terrier



Next up is the cats, we are only introducing you to 3 of them, but we have over 70 cats living in the sanctuary and the land surrounding us, an often over-looked aspect of Deise is our feral cat population. Although some are tame and like a good fuss, a lot of these hardy characters simply stop by for food and then carry on their journeys. e currently look after over 60 feral cats. We do get a lot of pet cats bought into us, but we find them homes very quickly. These 3 chose to stay with us and extremely lovable characters

Ginger Cat

3 Legged Cat


The horses, we have a lively bunch of characters that reside in our stables and fields. Hamish came all the way from Wales, most of the horses in our care have had the worst starts imaginable, but they are all very happy here with us so that is where they will stay.


Piebald Mare

Piebald Male

Male Horse

Female Horse

Mare and Foal

Brown Mare

We have numerous farmyard animals in our care from sheep, pigs, goats, to poultry.

Vietnamese Pot Belly 


Wild Boar

Ginger Pig


Bird species such as parrots, cockatiels, doves, love bird and canaries.

African Grey

Yellow Canraries


So whether it is your average family pet (dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters etc), farm yard animals, bird species of various varieties, exotic animals which owners can no longer look after such as snakes and bearded dragons or wildlife species such as badgers, foxes, bats and hedgehogs who are in need of our care, any animal is welcomed and we will adapt to care for them in the best way we can.

Bearded Dragons