What We Do

Deise Animal Sanctuary is set in the peaceful Nire Valley in Co. Waterford. Here we focus on providing a safe, stable, loving home for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. We are a sanctuary first and foremost, however we do have some animals available for adoption and re-homing. Our Facebook page provides a welcoming area for those who are struggling to look after their pets rehome them. We also run a very successful lost and found section for animals that have gone missing.

We have seen hundreds of different animals come through our centre and we always try to adapt to new species! Some of our animals include: horses, dogs, goats, hens, ducks, geese, a wild boar, sheep, birds, bearded dragons, degus, rabbits, cats, snakes, peacocks, sparrowhawks, foxes, pigs, fish, ferrets and guinea pigs. For the latest list of our furry friends that would love to come and live with you, check our adoptions page.

Though there are many welfare charities in Ireland, few are in the south east, and the need for such services is only growing. Re-homing cats in particular has become extremely difficult in recent years, thanks to the rising population of feral cats. Old, young, ill or healthy, many of these cats are put to sleep simply because there is not enough room for them. However, in the last twelve months we have successfully re-homed over one hundred and thirty cats and kittens from our centre. We also help local organisations in trap, neuter, return initiatives. We currently have over 40 neutered feral cats living on the land around us that we look after.

The Deise Animal Sanctuary is not solely a cat and dog sanctuary. An increasing amount of people are finding themselves unable to care for their more ‘exotic’ pets; we provide a caring setting for all our animals to heal until we can find a loving new home for them. We also take in many wildlife that have been involved in accidents or cannot look after themselves.

In the next two years, we are aiming to have completed work on our visitor and education center. On completion, we are hoping our center will help educate (without preaching!) those who want to learn about different animal needs, animal welfare issues and basic medical care. We are now offering school tours in a relaxed, friendly environment to help encourage new generations into the world of animal welfare.