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Here at Deise Animal Sanctuary we are incredibly grateful for anything and everything we receive through donations. We rely on funding from the public. We also love when people pop in for a visit. If you feel like helping out for a couple of hours, give us a call - there's always something that needs doing!

All of our animals absolutely love to see new faces, so feel free to drop by, spend some time playing and bring them a present!

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You can also set up a standing order with your bank with us, helping all year round. To do this, please print out the form below, fill in your details and return to your bank.

If you would like to donate to us, here are some ideas of things we are always in need of:

  1. Animal food

- Bird Seed (parrot, cockatiel, canary and budgie)

- Cat (dry, wet and treats) 

- Dog (nuts, canned and treats)

- Horse (hay, pre-mixed and treats)

- Pig (pellets/nuts, treats and scraps)

- Rabbit and Guinea Pig (treats and hay welcomed too!)

2. Animal pens, cages and Carrying Crates/Boxes

We appreciate absolutely any pens or cages as we never know what species we'll rescue next! This has included kennels, runs, hutches, chicken coops etc in the past.

3. Housing Supplies

We get through huge amounts of cat litter, old duvets, pillows, throws, blankets, beds, sofas and straw.

4. Grooming Supplies

All types of grooming supplies are appreciated immensely, we get a lot of welfare cases that require extensive grooming and of course we like to keep everyone looking good and feeling fresh during their stay with us. Not only do we groom dogs, we have had experiences grooming cats, horses and even rabbits here. We also get through an amazing amount of dog collars, dog harnesses and horse rugs - these are essential everyday items.

5. Medicine/Vet Vouchers

All types of medicine, suitable for any species will be gladly received - this is one thing that costs us a great deal of money in running the sanctuary.

6. Toys

Last but definitely not least is toys! We believe toys and environment enrichment is essential to keeping all the animals here healthy and happy. From birds to rabbits, dogs to cats, pigs to horses - they all need mental stimulation and plenty of fun.

7. General Items For Sanctuary Use

We are always in need of water buckets, feed buckets, forks/shovels for mucking out, stable scoopers, wheelbarrows, hosepipes and yard brushes. Any cleaning equipment always comes in great use too.

We have had quite a few requests for our Credit Union and bank account details, so here they are:

Account Name: Deise

Sort Code: 991001

Account Number: 53781000
Waterford Credit Union
Parnell St
Bank Of Ireland
Deise Animal Sanctuary
IBAN: ie80bofi90600541341098
Account number: 41341098
Sort Code: 90-60-05



We also have a few sponsors in the local community who we cannot thank enough for all of their help. Whether it's advertising our sanctuary or collecting donations from customers, they go the extra mile to help our furry friends in need. Here's a photo of Pat in Clonmel Maxi Zoo with a lovely donation selection from 2012.



Work experience policy

We at Deise Animal Sanctuary try to support education whenever possible. However the demand for work placements is now exceeding the capacity of our centre. As a result, we are introducing a new selection process for the spaces available.

Firstly, applications must be made in writing at least four weeks prior to the placement period. Dates, duration and hours required should be clearly stated, together with a contact/referee from the educational establishment involved.

Secondly an informal interview at the centre will be required.

All placements will be given at the discretion of the centre, and will commence with a trial period.

Please note: our placements involve physical work, taking place outside, in all conditions. All staff partake in this and it is mandatory. If you wish an easy placement - save your ink! We believe in imparting knowledge and experience, specialised training occurs after the routine work is done, not in place of. We believe the placements on offer are worthwhile and become an asset to the student; this opportunity should not be wasted or denied to another subject on a whim. Your motivation will be questioned; time is precious and cannot be returned, for you or our team.

We hope you can understand our approach to this, all we want is committed students willing to do their best, with a good heart. Please do not take this as discriminatory, we very much welcome people of limited abilities, if they are prepared to give their best.

If you have a passion for animal welfare and care and want to get experience in what it's like at the forefront of the battle against animal abuse, get in touch today on 0873119509 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.