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We are an animal sanctuary based in the heart of the Nire Valley, County Waterford, Ireland. We are a last chance for animals in crisis. We're also known as DAS. We do not accept unexpected animal surrenders from the public, however we do love visitors! When you pop into us in our Waterford animal rescue, please wear old clothing that you don't mind getting dirty - as our animals are free to roam and play! We believe in happy, healthy animals - you won't find any runs/cages with unhappy occupants.

We rescue many dogs from the Waterford pound. We sign out any dogs that haven't been claimed and are at the end of their 5 days. We take every dog that is available (we don't cherry pick!). These dogs are re-homed locally where possible, or stay on with us if in need of medical care or behavioural training. We take on many welfare cases coming in from all around Ireland, we never turn an animal in need away. We are now responsible for many emergency welfare calls, including many different types of animal rescues in Ireland. The Deise Animal Sanctuary is not solely a cat and dog sanctuary. An increasing amount of people are finding themselves unable to care for their more ‘exotic’ pets; we provide a caring setting for all our animals to heal until we can find a loving new home for them. We also take in many wildlife that have been involved in accidents or cannot look after themselves. We have seen hundreds of different animals come through our centre and we always try to adapt to new species! Some of our animals include: horses, dogs, goats, hens, ducks, geese, a wild boar, sheep, birds, bearded dragons, degus, rabbits, cats, snakes, peacocks, sparrowhawks, foxes, pigs, fish, ferrets and guinea pigs.

Our Facebook page provides an arena for private re-homings for those who can no longer look after their pet, as well as providing a very successful lost and found database. If you need to re-home your pet or have lost/found an animal, please send us an email or message on the page and we will help you as quickly as possible.

On this website you will find information about the people that make the Deise Animal Sanctuary possible, photos of an array of our occupants (past and present), info on how you can help and a database of who we have for adoption.

Here at Deise Animal Sanctuary we are incredibly grateful for anything and everything we receive through donations. We heavily rely on funding from the public.

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Our current opening hours are: Tuesday-Sunday 10-4.