Sent into us by Mary Moylan:

Hi Pat here is pic of Radar we adopted her in April thought u would like an update ......she is flying it . Here she is with our 12 yr old lab Kiki

Paddy and Belle

Sent in from Claire O'Regan:


I just wanted to message and say thanks so much for the Kittens we got from you on Wednesday. They are doing great. Belle went to my sisters house and the grey and white one we named Paddy is now part of our household and I best friends with our dog Honey.

You guys are doing such a great job up there and the work you do with animals is amazing and inspiring!

Thanks so much and I will definitely be back up again to see the animals (and maybe take another home) :D

Claire and Paddy :)

PS: I have attached a photo


Hi Pat,

I thought it was well overdue that I must let you know how our little puppy has settled in. We adopted a little puppy from you the week before christmas as I had been looking for a companion for my JRT Daisy. We called her Holly. On the day Daisy did not take too well to Holly when we introduced them at the car, and Mam ended up getting upset too. Well by the time we had travelled home and went to introduce Holly to some other furry friends, Daisy was having none of it, this was her new friend and she was not sharing her with anyone. (This is when my mother stopped being upset) Daisy has not left Holly's side since that day and she protects like she was her mother. For the first few week's if Holly was getting into trouble Daisy would go and pick her up by the neck and drag her away. Now I'm afraid Holly has grown much taller than Daisy as you can see from the photos, but she is still able to nudge her out of trouble. As you will see from the photos Holly is a little poser. We will be up to see you soon and will bring Holly to meet with you. Thank you so much for allowing me to give Holly a new home xx

Best wishes
Daisy & Holly


Sent in from Val of Starbarks Dungarvan:

Thx so much guys Molly & myself were so impressed with your place.Newly named Woody the whippet has settled in so well already-stretched out in front of fire after his warm bath!See ye again soon. Thanks again.Val


Sent in by Mary Dwyer:

Well pat,here is Daisy making herself truly at home. She's a little dote. Our Milly is taking her time making her mind up about her. I think daisy is going to be boss. Hopefully they will become best friends. My lads loved their visit yesterday and meeting all the animals. They want to go back again. Tx again. Ill let u know how daisy is getting on. Mary :-)

Daisy's original master unfortunately died, so she came to stay with us. She only lasted a few days before she met Mary and chose her new family! We wish them all the luck for the future.


Sent in by Siobhán Joyce:

Here's a pic of Max getting ready for Paddies Day tomorrow, he's a very happy dog, thank you so much and thankfully him and Bailey are getting on great.

Max was only with us here at the Sanctuary for a day before he decided he wanted to go home with Siobhán. Truly meant to be!


Here's Lillie with her new Big sister Simba, sent in by Daniel O'Brien with this message:

Just sending pictures of a little kitten which my mother adopted from you 5 weeks ago. She is know known as Lillie as seen in the pictures wearing her pink collar and being closely watched by her new big sister Simba.

Lillie came to Deise Animal Sanctuary with a broken jaw. Her jaw had already began to set and the vet decided to not cause her anymore pain by resetting it. Well-known in the sanctuary for being an absolute fuss ball, she was well-liked during her stay and we're all very happy she has moved on to greener pastures with a loving new family and sister to play with!


Rainbow had a pretty rough start in life, but she was adopted by a loving family locally. She now shares her happy home with 3 other cats.


Buffy was found alone in his previous owners' flat. As his owner emigrated, Buffy was locked in the flat for three weeks without food. Luckily he was discovered in time and came to stay with us. He got his health and character back after a few weeks - he loved the outdoors but nothing could beat a nice snooze on the warm sofa! After a few months, Buffy found the right person and was taken to his forever home.