Hi Pat,

I thought it was well overdue that I must let you know how our little puppy has settled in. We adopted a little puppy from you the week before christmas as I had been looking for a companion for my JRT Daisy. We called her Holly. On the day Daisy did not take too well to Holly when we introduced them at the car, and Mam ended up getting upset too. Well by the time we had travelled home and went to introduce Holly to some other furry friends, Daisy was having none of it, this was her new friend and she was not sharing her with anyone. (This is when my mother stopped being upset) Daisy has not left Holly's side since that day and she protects like she was her mother. For the first few week's if Holly was getting into trouble Daisy would go and pick her up by the neck and drag her away. Now I'm afraid Holly has grown much taller than Daisy as you can see from the photos, but she is still able to nudge her out of trouble. As you will see from the photos Holly is a little poser. We will be up to see you soon and will bring Holly to meet with you. Thank you so much for allowing me to give Holly a new home xx

Best wishes
Daisy & Holly