Stewie's Blog

January 18th 2015

Sunday was a busy day in the yard; Rob & David were putting a mesh roof on the yard pen so the lurchers could use it. This means my new friends Rosie and Lilly can have the big pen for their stay. I had great trouble keeping everyone out of the way of the works, Georgina the pig and the little ones kept trying to get the dog food in the pens.

On Monday it was decided that Dotty & the rest of the sheep should come in, the weather has turned bad on the mountain and they are close to lambing so need better quality food. It took a lot of time to sort out but we did it.

Tuesday was the highlight of my week; my friends at the ETB in Clonmel needed models in the beauty parlour. I got Aggie, Pumpkin, and Tinytoes into the jeep and off we went. It was lovely to see everyone especially Tina the tutor - we all had a wash and groom and the girls felt really special with their new hair dos. Later I got in trouble from Rob, while he was collecting the cat trimmings from the fish shop, I got into the messages and we ate Rob’s steak for his tea, it was better than the cheese he ended up with.

We were busy, busy, busy Thursday. Bold Katie the terrier X pup arrived so now 3 pups are running around the kitchen. The male pig went to visit his girl friend at the Camphill Trust, so I helped load in their trailer and made sure Blodwynn & Ginger stayed at home. Then we went to see Anthony at the store in Clonmel and brought the animal feed for the goats and sheep. We then went home to help Pat feed up early as Rob, Abby, Cat and Vicky went to Cashel for a meeting.

Friday was very cold and icy; Vicky rang to say she was stuck in the ice by Powers of the Pot. Rob and I collected ropes etc. and set off. The mountaintop had snow on it and it was very slippery, however we found Vicky and she managed to get up the other hill so all was well. Later the girls from the ETB arrived for their usual volunteer visit and they said the hills were still icy, with Pat having help I got Rob to cut some firewood so we would stay warm at night. Luckily we found housing for all the new arrivals so no one was cold. 

Saturday is always a favourite; Abby & Cat came to visit with Joey. Carolina and her friend also came so everyone had walks and the chores were done in plenty of time. I took Cat to town for the messages and called into Pet Planet for parakeet food for some of the birds. I inspected the shop and found everything in order; I talked to the customers and acted as if I own the place. I sampled the treats but really wanted the treat Cat had brought for Joey. Rob said it wasn’t for me so I had to give in. So back home for dinner and dreams of Joey’s treat. Life’s not always fair but Joey deserves his luck.

Love to everyone