Stewie's Blog

January 25th 2015

I had a fantastic week lots of places to go and people to meet!

Tuesday I took Rob to Tom and Anthony’s for hay for the horses etc. I couldn’t understand why the farm couldn’t understand I was in charge. Rob said it was his farm but I said it was my jeep! Still thanks Tom & Anthony for helping me load it’s appreciated.

On Wednesday I took Aggie, Pumpkin & Ruby to the ETB, the girls were meant to help the animal welfare students in their skills demonstration exam. I told the girls to help the students as much as they could - these humans need all the help they can get! When Jan, the tutor, brought them home she said they were great and could they come tomorrow, Pat said they could. I had took Rob to see his vet, the vet said he looked better and told him to keep taking his tablets.

So first thing in the morning I took Aggie, Ruby and Mrs O’ to Clonmel, Pumpkin said she had a prior engagement; I didn’t quite get it all but Pat was muttering about paperwork, Rob said he’d phone but had chores in town and we’d be late so I woofed hurry up and we left.

We left the girls at the ETB spoke to everyone we knew there and did the trip to the store and shops. I reminded Rob to ring home but the phone was engaged Pat was busy.

We called in to check a home going back and when we arrived - chaos ruled! Vicki was loading pups into her car, Abby & Cat arrived and the jeep was filling up with every one from the yard. All of a sudden we were off down the road following speedy fan Abby. Rob explained we were off to do a de-stressing session at WIT as the exam results were out that afternoon. We arrived and had a special room, lots and lots of people came to meet us all and we all ended up with lots of cuddles. The big noses, Mac & Murphy, claimed the sofas and did their normal - sleep. Finally everyone had their results, we all re-embarked and made our way back to the mountain. Upon arrival a new pup greeted us, Cricket has a very old injury to her front leg, Rob says the break hasn’t knitted at all. Pat & Rob checked her over and spoke to folks on the phone. I asked Cricket if it hurt a lot, she said not now - as long as no one steps on it. I told the puppies not to bash into her until she went to the vet.

Friday morning we went to collect our Cockatiels from Waterford, and a lurcher from the pound. We’re full now until more find homes. When I got back everything was busy something was up but no-one told me. All became clear when we went into town for messages. Rob explained on the journey that he and Pat were going on a special course to learn how to help the injured wild animals that end up on the mountain. Unfortunately the hotel would not let me stay. He gave me the job of caring for every-one (including Abby & Cat) whilst they were away. When we got home Joey was there with Cat & Abby and Pat was busy packing. It was sad when they left but everyone said they’d be back soon and it wouldn’t be for long. Lindy Lou missed Pat straight off, Tiny & myself pined a bit for Rob although all the visitors fussed us all weekend. How long is soon? I must get this straight with people. After dark Sunday the jeep arrived with Pat & Rob. Hooray, we all made a fuss of them and asked them what went on during the course, Pat said it was full of difficult sums, Rob said they must be poor in Dublin, the hotel didn’t have enough plates, some food arrived on roof slates! Perhaps we should send them some spare bowls? Thanks to everyone who came up to help during the weekend, I couldn’t have managed on my own.

Still I wonder what next week will bring?              

Love to everyone