Stewie's Blog

January 31st 2015

This week was quiet lots of visitors came to the mountain when the weather permitted. It has been cold and snowy at times, the wind was horrible at times so I was happy to stay in.

We ventured out to take Sport and Cricket to the vets. We came home with potions & lotions. Rob and Pat have been talking about Cricket, trying to decide the best way to help her, her leg is healing crooked but is not hurting, ho-hum.

Big trip into Clonmel, apart from seeing Anthony at the store and collecting messages, Rob went to the bank, he said he had a lovely cheque from the ETB in Killkenny, they did a sponsored dog wash and we shared in the money. Thank you lads if you need my help at all call, I’d love to say thanks in person. Everyone that helps fund raising or on the mountain makes things run better and means more help is given. While in town Rob went to see the fish lady for the cats fish, 2 buckets yum, yum.

Roger and his dogs came to borrow our horse box, to help Gina at PAWS, great to see you Roger.

Last big trip was to collect hay for the horses, donkeys, goats & sheep. ThanksTom for helping to load.                

Love to everyone