Stewie's Blog

February 19th 2015

Sorry folks for being late with my bit, I have been so busy visiting and supervising my head’s been in a spin. Last week started routinely collecting hay, visiting the store & collecting messages. Rob was chasing quotes for the new education building we’re hoping to get grants towards, more about this another time.

Valentine's day was hectic, Abby, Cat, Andy came up with Joey & Rosie. Rosie is staying with Andy or a while to see how she is without Lilly - who she’s been with or a long time. Soon we were all off to  Maxizoo Waterford to meet & greet for there special event. Pumpkin, Lilly & myself took Cat & Rob for the afternoon. Lexi and her person Imelda met us there. We had great fun running around telling everyone what to do.  Lilly met a lovely ‘Bernard pup and said she beautiful. While we spoke to the dogs Cat & the others talked to the people telling them about our home in the mountains.

Great fun was had by everyone but it was soon time to say goodbye to the staff and customers before we went home to help finish the chores before bed time. We did have great news about the vote for the chosen charity for the Siopaella shops in Dublin, we came top. This will probably mean more work for me, a good job I enjoy being in charge. Rob and Pat say this is going to help secure the future of the Sanctuary. Thanks to all for voting for us, we all appreciate it.

On Sunday we were all up early, because the lads from Suirside Mocra were up to help. They set to and made a tremendous impression on the place, strange how they can work faster than Rob, he say’s it’s because there was more of them all younger some excuse. Andy, Roisin, Catriona & Anthony arrived soon after to help. Denise was the next to arrive, hungover from a night out followed by Seamus and family. The place was buzzing everyone was happy and things were going great guns. Next Jack arrived with great pots of lovely smelling food, only for the humans he said much to our disgust. The only ones to get anything were the goats who stole some of the fresh brown bread from the table and wouldn’t share! The lads even got Rob’s old tractor going with lots of noise and smoke and they say the impossible can’t happen. Eventually it started getting cold and the jobs were finished, everyone started of home. They all liked Jack's lunch, and they were tired but said they would like to come again. Thanks lads for all your help it made a huge difference, you’re certainly welcome anytime, as are all our friends every where.

Since Sunday lots of phone calls and things have happened, nothing needing me except collecting a pup on Tuesday on way to collect the fish trimmings. He is a great lad in the house with us little ones, till he’s ready or a new home. Rob and Pat had some sad news last night, over 12 years ago they homed a little dog to a friend of theirs in Wales, her name was Esme and she took good care of her person all the time she was with him. Rob said they both loved each other and shared great times together afloat and ashore, it seems like they cared or each other very much, Pat said it was a great pairing for them both and made her proud it lasted so well.                       

Love to everyone