Stewie's Blog

February 28th 2015

Busy week this week! We had fun at first, with Rob collecting new bits for the tractor, thanks to everyone for helping. Then Rob said the clutch was playing up on the jeep. Disaster I can’t go visiting! Still we got home safely. Friday Rob had to take Pat to their vet, I didn’t go as I had to help Vicky take care of the place. She needs my help Rob says. Anyhow a while later, Rob & Pat came walking up the track. Rob had got to the vets but couldn’t get back up the hill as the clutch gave out completely. Vicky took Pat to get messages & medicine, so we got by.

Saturday Justy arrived with his jeep and we towed our jeep home. We then went to Toms to collect another load of hay for the sheep & horses. In the back of Justy's jeep I found some lamb chops, yum yum. Andy, Cat & Abby were up with Rosie & Joey to help. Lucky Clyde the rabbit went home with Abby, a long time coming Clyde!   On Sunday two strays arrived, both from Dungarvan. This made things very difficult for Pat, as we are fit to burst. Jimmy the jockey came for the big trailer. Hes got some 2nd hand roofing for us, always useful as we have lots of projects on the go.

Denise came to help Tuesday and this confused Rob as she normally helps out Thursdays, but this was lucky as Justy arrived to tow my jeep to the menders. Justy didn’t know where to go but Denise did, so Rob & I followed on a rope. The nice mender man said I will have my jeep back soon, good thing too as I have lots of folk to go and see. As it was, I rode back with Justy and Denise collecting food for everyone on the way. On Thursday Denise took me, Rob & Mrs O to see Ger our vet. Mrs O had done her normal lets meet everyone before the car had stopped. Unfortunately she has hurt her hip badly so has to stay in bed for weeks, she is so miserable.     

Friday was a bad day, jeep was more poorly than we thought so it won’t be back yet. Rob said he had to go to Dublin to collect some choccy bars and see our new friends at Siopaella before the fund raiser next week, cheek he knows he can’t find anywhere without me, but he said Vikki’s satnav will do it. Still Pat had me to help her all day anyway, and I had to greet people because Mrs O is ill. Rob came home telling me of his adventures in the big city, meeting Ella’s boss Louis the Schnoodle, and everyone at the shop. Hope I’ll meet them soon they sound lovely.

Doesn’t Saturday come round quickly, strange ‘cos Rosie was up with Andy, Joey stayed home with Cat. Justy was here as well, and we had loads of visitors. I told Rosie to take Andy & Freckles to the fund raising walk/run in Tourneena, wish I hadn’t they all ate rich tea biscuits and talked to everyone. No one brought me a biscuit! Still thanks to Tourneena Runners for helping us I'll be sure to come next time.

Love to everyone