Stewie's Blog

March 18th 2015

Sorry I missed a week talking to you all, Rob’s been having problems on the computer thingy with the paypal system and he was trying to order more t shirts for people.




Aunty Biddy arrived to give us the proceeds from the run in Tourneena, thanks everyone for your great help. We need and appreciate it every time. A trip to maxizoo followed for all the donations, wonderful load of food from everyone, everything helps.Trips for hay and fish trimmings means everyone here is fed well, lots of visitors arrive daily to look around and people come to help Pat most days.





Mr & Mrs Fergus have become regular dog walkers, the kids weren’t so happy last visit, but it was mothers’ day so mum ruled! Last Friday I went with Bert & Ernie to St Augustines in Dungarvan. I met Emily and her classmates, Rob talked a lot , not much about me of course, but about how humans treat animals and the work we do on the mountain. Emily’s class had run a quiz as a fund raiser so I was presented with a nice packet of money. Rob says this will help because there are lots of projects on the go, but lots of people are helping either by running or supporting the events.




After the college we called in to buy the ceiling for the treatment room. This has warmed the room up as well as making it look nicer. Only a couple of things to do till its finished, it will make things easier having this room done, we have more wildlife brought in every week. Rob and Pat can now stabilise them before going to the vet if needed. Anything else that needs help can use the room as well. Its nice and warm away from the chaos in the yard. Rob say’s people will be able to look round during the open days, not sure when that will be for sure, but it will be during the summer. 

Love to everyone