Stewie's Blog

March 28th 2015

Lovely to meet you all at Maxizoo last Saturday, we only confirmed at the last minute. Promise to tell you before time next month, Pumpkin & I had great fun playing ball up and down he aisles with some little human pups. I kept being told off by Rob, who says the shop isn’t mine??

Bella jnr, the dane pup, was very poorly this week, she spent a number of days in the vets getting better. Thanks to everyone who cared for her, she doing well now. First big trip was to collect a snake from Waterford, he made lots of squeaky noises in his box Rob said he was trying to escape, so I kept a close eye on him. When we let him into his new home he loved it, rushing round exploring and burrowing in the peat. Our old friend Eddy arrived with 3 bales of hay for the horses, its great how people help however they can.

Lots of dogs and puppies arrived this week but lots have gone to new homes already. Friday was busy, busy we went for building stuff for the yard, collected feed from the store, messages for the humans. A final trip off the mountain collected all the T-shirts from the embroider sorry if you’ve been waiting, high light was bringing Bella home we all missed her. Saturday was hectic, Justy, Andy, Colum, Liz & Immelda came to help, lots of visitors arrived to look around. Robs told me next month will be busy, we have lots of visitors due and we have school visits happening.

Love to everyone