Stewie's Blog

8th May 2015

Fantastic day on Easter Sunday, Rob drove Justy and myself to the end of the county to collect equipment from some lovely folks who are moving. Lots of useful stuff to help everyone here. 


Monday dawned bright lots of help, Vikki; Roisin & Jacob; Denise & her Mum, were all up. At 2 our friends from Dungarvan came for a visit, although the weather was grotty everyone seemed to have a good time, cuddling snakes and feeding Lucky the lamb. Suddenly all was quiet again and I went in with Vikki for a cup of tea, well done everyone.


The PACT project came during the week, we love their visits they always make such a fuss of us all.


Later in the week I went with Rob to help Charlie’s Horse Rescue move some horses to their new home. Lots of driving involved but a good ending for everyone. 


When at home I kept Rob & Justy busy on the building projects round the place. We’re putting a porch onto the treatment room, to make things easier to keep clean and tidy. Work is well underway, although Petal is steadfastly claiming the space as her own.


Rob left me on my own while he went to the Quiz night in Waterford, everyone worked hard arranging it, Rob and the girls, including Andy, said everyone had a wonderful night. Thanks to Flash and his staff we had a fantastic boost to our funds. 


Aggie, Pumpkin and myself we’re on meeting and greeting at Maxizoo, two weekends recently. We had huge fun meeting everyone and their humans, the little humans loved us playing with them and we with them. Its fantastic seeing old friends who are now in their forever homes, they seem so happy and well cared for. I also made a repeat appearance with Bert and Ernie the ferrets, at St Augustines in Dungarvan. Thanks lads for making us so welcome and listening to Rob, we try to make things interesting during our visits. 


My final report for this time is a goody, the kestrel we had here with a broken wing has been released. The wing healed very well indeed and with luck she’ll have time to raise a brood this year. A good result, raptors are always at risk, but this rehabilitation has gone to plan well, wish her well.

Love to everyone