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26th June 2015

Best laid plans of mice and dogs always go astray, things have been happening up on the mountain so fast we’re all confuddled. What have I been up to? Well we went to see Joe and the gang at Charlie’s horse rescue fundraiser and met loads of lovely people, of course Rob had to come but Imelda, Lexi’s human came too, I spent the afternoon playing with the kids while Petal checked out the burgers. Everyone seemed to have a good time, I slept all the way home.

We’ve done all the usual chores, collecting feed, messages & hay, but some more unusual wildlife have appeared which means I had an extra special job to do and the building work is still ongoing so I have to supervise. Pumpkin and I have been meeting & greeting at Maxizoo in Waterford regularly, but Rob says we mustn’t go into Halfords so we do it all the more! Last weekend I was in charge of the dog show at Dunmore East, I was allowed to enter Junior Handler with a nice young lady but nothing else. We had lots of visitors to the stand and the girls were busy signing folks in. Everyone had a reward for entering so well done.

A lovely treat was to visit the Presentation Primary School to meet Roisin’s class. Pumpkin came as usual sporting her new summer look, slave to fashion that one, we had huge fun talking to everyone and exploring the hall. The small humans had collected lots of goodies for us and a big bag of money stuff, don’t see the use of it but Rob says we need some to “buy” things we need. Thanks to you all we appreciate it.

The other people I must thank is all the new volunteers who come to help, as well as the regulars Pat and Rob couldn’t do all this without your help. THANK YOU. The other new helpers are the lads from Dungarvan who are helping Justy with the new small animal room, its starting to look well and will be finished by the openday all going well.

Finally I must mention we have runners in the Viking full and half marathons, have a good run and few pains afterwards. Please cheer them on if you’re there.


Waterford Viking Marathon - 2014