26th June 2015

Best laid plans of mice and dogs always go astray, things have been happening up on the mountain so fast we’re all confuddled. What have I been up to? Well we went to see Joe and the gang at Charlie’s horse rescue fundraiser and met loads of lovely people, of course Rob had to come but Imelda, Lexi’s human came too, I spent the afternoon playing with the kids while Petal checked out the burgers. Everyone seemed to have a good time, I slept all the way home.

We’ve done all the usual chores, collecting feed, messages & hay, but some more unusual wildlife have appeared which means I had an extra special job to do and the building work is still ongoing so I have to supervise. Pumpkin and I have been meeting & greeting at Maxizoo in Waterford regularly, but Rob says we mustn’t go into Halfords so we do it all the more! Last weekend I was in charge of the dog show at Dunmore East, I was allowed to enter Junior Handler with a nice young lady but nothing else. We had lots of visitors to the stand and the girls were busy signing folks in. Everyone had a reward for entering so well done.

A lovely treat was to visit the Presentation Primary School to meet Roisin’s class. Pumpkin came as usual sporting her new summer look, slave to fashion that one, we had huge fun talking to everyone and exploring the hall. The small humans had collected lots of goodies for us and a big bag of money stuff, don’t see the use of it but Rob says we need some to “buy” things we need. Thanks to you all we appreciate it.

The other people I must thank is all the new volunteers who come to help, as well as the regulars Pat and Rob couldn’t do all this without your help. THANK YOU. The other new helpers are the lads from Dungarvan who are helping Justy with the new small animal room, its starting to look well and will be finished by the openday all going well.

Finally I must mention we have runners in the Viking full and half marathons, have a good run and few pains afterwards. Please cheer them on if you’re there.


Waterford Viking Marathon - 2014



8th May 2015

Fantastic day on Easter Sunday, Rob drove Justy and myself to the end of the county to collect equipment from some lovely folks who are moving. Lots of useful stuff to help everyone here. 


Monday dawned bright lots of help, Vikki; Roisin & Jacob; Denise & her Mum, were all up. At 2 our friends from Dungarvan came for a visit, although the weather was grotty everyone seemed to have a good time, cuddling snakes and feeding Lucky the lamb. Suddenly all was quiet again and I went in with Vikki for a cup of tea, well done everyone.


The PACT project came during the week, we love their visits they always make such a fuss of us all.


Later in the week I went with Rob to help Charlie’s Horse Rescue move some horses to their new home. Lots of driving involved but a good ending for everyone. 


When at home I kept Rob & Justy busy on the building projects round the place. We’re putting a porch onto the treatment room, to make things easier to keep clean and tidy. Work is well underway, although Petal is steadfastly claiming the space as her own.


Rob left me on my own while he went to the Quiz night in Waterford, everyone worked hard arranging it, Rob and the girls, including Andy, said everyone had a wonderful night. Thanks to Flash and his staff we had a fantastic boost to our funds. 


Aggie, Pumpkin and myself we’re on meeting and greeting at Maxizoo, two weekends recently. We had huge fun meeting everyone and their humans, the little humans loved us playing with them and we with them. Its fantastic seeing old friends who are now in their forever homes, they seem so happy and well cared for. I also made a repeat appearance with Bert and Ernie the ferrets, at St Augustines in Dungarvan. Thanks lads for making us so welcome and listening to Rob, we try to make things interesting during our visits. 


My final report for this time is a goody, the kestrel we had here with a broken wing has been released. The wing healed very well indeed and with luck she’ll have time to raise a brood this year. A good result, raptors are always at risk, but this rehabilitation has gone to plan well, wish her well.

Love to everyone


March 28th 2015

Lovely to meet you all at Maxizoo last Saturday, we only confirmed at the last minute. Promise to tell you before time next month, Pumpkin & I had great fun playing ball up and down he aisles with some little human pups. I kept being told off by Rob, who says the shop isn’t mine??

Bella jnr, the dane pup, was very poorly this week, she spent a number of days in the vets getting better. Thanks to everyone who cared for her, she doing well now. First big trip was to collect a snake from Waterford, he made lots of squeaky noises in his box Rob said he was trying to escape, so I kept a close eye on him. When we let him into his new home he loved it, rushing round exploring and burrowing in the peat. Our old friend Eddy arrived with 3 bales of hay for the horses, its great how people help however they can.

Lots of dogs and puppies arrived this week but lots have gone to new homes already. Friday was busy, busy we went for building stuff for the yard, collected feed from the store, messages for the humans. A final trip off the mountain collected all the T-shirts from the embroider sorry if you’ve been waiting, high light was bringing Bella home we all missed her. Saturday was hectic, Justy, Andy, Colum, Liz & Immelda came to help, lots of visitors arrived to look around. Robs told me next month will be busy, we have lots of visitors due and we have school visits happening.

Love to everyone


March 18th 2015

Sorry I missed a week talking to you all, Rob’s been having problems on the computer thingy with the paypal system and he was trying to order more t shirts for people.




Aunty Biddy arrived to give us the proceeds from the run in Tourneena, thanks everyone for your great help. We need and appreciate it every time. A trip to maxizoo followed for all the donations, wonderful load of food from everyone, everything helps.Trips for hay and fish trimmings means everyone here is fed well, lots of visitors arrive daily to look around and people come to help Pat most days.





Mr & Mrs Fergus have become regular dog walkers, the kids weren’t so happy last visit, but it was mothers’ day so mum ruled! Last Friday I went with Bert & Ernie to St Augustines in Dungarvan. I met Emily and her classmates, Rob talked a lot , not much about me of course, but about how humans treat animals and the work we do on the mountain. Emily’s class had run a quiz as a fund raiser so I was presented with a nice packet of money. Rob says this will help because there are lots of projects on the go, but lots of people are helping either by running or supporting the events.




After the college we called in to buy the ceiling for the treatment room. This has warmed the room up as well as making it look nicer. Only a couple of things to do till its finished, it will make things easier having this room done, we have more wildlife brought in every week. Rob and Pat can now stabilise them before going to the vet if needed. Anything else that needs help can use the room as well. Its nice and warm away from the chaos in the yard. Rob say’s people will be able to look round during the open days, not sure when that will be for sure, but it will be during the summer. 

Love to everyone


February 28th 2015

Busy week this week! We had fun at first, with Rob collecting new bits for the tractor, thanks to everyone for helping. Then Rob said the clutch was playing up on the jeep. Disaster I can’t go visiting! Still we got home safely. Friday Rob had to take Pat to their vet, I didn’t go as I had to help Vicky take care of the place. She needs my help Rob says. Anyhow a while later, Rob & Pat came walking up the track. Rob had got to the vets but couldn’t get back up the hill as the clutch gave out completely. Vicky took Pat to get messages & medicine, so we got by.

Saturday Justy arrived with his jeep and we towed our jeep home. We then went to Toms to collect another load of hay for the sheep & horses. In the back of Justy's jeep I found some lamb chops, yum yum. Andy, Cat & Abby were up with Rosie & Joey to help. Lucky Clyde the rabbit went home with Abby, a long time coming Clyde!   On Sunday two strays arrived, both from Dungarvan. This made things very difficult for Pat, as we are fit to burst. Jimmy the jockey came for the big trailer. Hes got some 2nd hand roofing for us, always useful as we have lots of projects on the go.

Denise came to help Tuesday and this confused Rob as she normally helps out Thursdays, but this was lucky as Justy arrived to tow my jeep to the menders. Justy didn’t know where to go but Denise did, so Rob & I followed on a rope. The nice mender man said I will have my jeep back soon, good thing too as I have lots of folk to go and see. As it was, I rode back with Justy and Denise collecting food for everyone on the way. On Thursday Denise took me, Rob & Mrs O to see Ger our vet. Mrs O had done her normal lets meet everyone before the car had stopped. Unfortunately she has hurt her hip badly so has to stay in bed for weeks, she is so miserable.     

Friday was a bad day, jeep was more poorly than we thought so it won’t be back yet. Rob said he had to go to Dublin to collect some choccy bars and see our new friends at Siopaella before the fund raiser next week, cheek he knows he can’t find anywhere without me, but he said Vikki’s satnav will do it. Still Pat had me to help her all day anyway, and I had to greet people because Mrs O is ill. Rob came home telling me of his adventures in the big city, meeting Ella’s boss Louis the Schnoodle, and everyone at the shop. Hope I’ll meet them soon they sound lovely.

Doesn’t Saturday come round quickly, strange ‘cos Rosie was up with Andy, Joey stayed home with Cat. Justy was here as well, and we had loads of visitors. I told Rosie to take Andy & Freckles to the fund raising walk/run in Tourneena, wish I hadn’t they all ate rich tea biscuits and talked to everyone. No one brought me a biscuit! Still thanks to Tourneena Runners for helping us I'll be sure to come next time.

Love to everyone


February 19th 2015

Sorry folks for being late with my bit, I have been so busy visiting and supervising my head’s been in a spin. Last week started routinely collecting hay, visiting the store & collecting messages. Rob was chasing quotes for the new education building we’re hoping to get grants towards, more about this another time.

Valentine's day was hectic, Abby, Cat, Andy came up with Joey & Rosie. Rosie is staying with Andy or a while to see how she is without Lilly - who she’s been with or a long time. Soon we were all off to  Maxizoo Waterford to meet & greet for there special event. Pumpkin, Lilly & myself took Cat & Rob for the afternoon. Lexi and her person Imelda met us there. We had great fun running around telling everyone what to do.  Lilly met a lovely ‘Bernard pup and said she beautiful. While we spoke to the dogs Cat & the others talked to the people telling them about our home in the mountains.

Great fun was had by everyone but it was soon time to say goodbye to the staff and customers before we went home to help finish the chores before bed time. We did have great news about the vote for the chosen charity for the Siopaella shops in Dublin, we came top. This will probably mean more work for me, a good job I enjoy being in charge. Rob and Pat say this is going to help secure the future of the Sanctuary. Thanks to all for voting for us, we all appreciate it.

On Sunday we were all up early, because the lads from Suirside Mocra were up to help. They set to and made a tremendous impression on the place, strange how they can work faster than Rob, he say’s it’s because there was more of them all younger some excuse. Andy, Roisin, Catriona & Anthony arrived soon after to help. Denise was the next to arrive, hungover from a night out followed by Seamus and family. The place was buzzing everyone was happy and things were going great guns. Next Jack arrived with great pots of lovely smelling food, only for the humans he said much to our disgust. The only ones to get anything were the goats who stole some of the fresh brown bread from the table and wouldn’t share! The lads even got Rob’s old tractor going with lots of noise and smoke and they say the impossible can’t happen. Eventually it started getting cold and the jobs were finished, everyone started of home. They all liked Jack's lunch, and they were tired but said they would like to come again. Thanks lads for all your help it made a huge difference, you’re certainly welcome anytime, as are all our friends every where.

Since Sunday lots of phone calls and things have happened, nothing needing me except collecting a pup on Tuesday on way to collect the fish trimmings. He is a great lad in the house with us little ones, till he’s ready or a new home. Rob and Pat had some sad news last night, over 12 years ago they homed a little dog to a friend of theirs in Wales, her name was Esme and she took good care of her person all the time she was with him. Rob said they both loved each other and shared great times together afloat and ashore, it seems like they cared or each other very much, Pat said it was a great pairing for them both and made her proud it lasted so well.                       

Love to everyone


Febuary 7th 2015

Funny sort of week this week, things are generally slow but lots of visitors coming to visit and help out. Our good friends Mocra, Carrick, came to see us Tuesday night. All the gang are arriving Sunday to help do some of the bigger jobs around the centre. They will help sort out after the winter and set us on course for the spring and summer. Rob says the events this year are going to be better than ever this year.

We didn’t go far this week our normal trips for hay & feed, I managed to get to see my buddies at Pet Planet and checked out the rabbits there. I took Rob to see his vet in Dungarvan and called into see our Friend Sean who hasn’t been well recently, get better soon we all miss you. Joey and the girls came Saturday, as well as Jacob & his humans to help out. David and Cass with Andy got the old dumper going. Lots of smelly smoke everywhere. Talking of smells Pat’s banned us from the bedroom she says we emit smelly gases all night. Cheeky mare! Can’t be that bad I sleep under the covers. Other smell is the fish trimmings for the cats, in my jeep, Rob says stop moaning the cats love them.

Finally I  have a Valentine's prezzie for you all: I’m making a personal appearance at Maxizoo on Saturday in Waterford. I’ll let some of the others tag along to help run the raffle with great prizes. If you can come along after midday and say hello we’ll be glad to see you.


Love to everyone



January 31st 2015

This week was quiet lots of visitors came to the mountain when the weather permitted. It has been cold and snowy at times, the wind was horrible at times so I was happy to stay in.

We ventured out to take Sport and Cricket to the vets. We came home with potions & lotions. Rob and Pat have been talking about Cricket, trying to decide the best way to help her, her leg is healing crooked but is not hurting, ho-hum.

Big trip into Clonmel, apart from seeing Anthony at the store and collecting messages, Rob went to the bank, he said he had a lovely cheque from the ETB in Killkenny, they did a sponsored dog wash and we shared in the money. Thank you lads if you need my help at all call, I’d love to say thanks in person. Everyone that helps fund raising or on the mountain makes things run better and means more help is given. While in town Rob went to see the fish lady for the cats fish, 2 buckets yum, yum.

Roger and his dogs came to borrow our horse box, to help Gina at PAWS, great to see you Roger.

Last big trip was to collect hay for the horses, donkeys, goats & sheep. ThanksTom for helping to load.                

Love to everyone


January 25th 2015

I had a fantastic week lots of places to go and people to meet!

Tuesday I took Rob to Tom and Anthony’s for hay for the horses etc. I couldn’t understand why the farm couldn’t understand I was in charge. Rob said it was his farm but I said it was my jeep! Still thanks Tom & Anthony for helping me load it’s appreciated.

On Wednesday I took Aggie, Pumpkin & Ruby to the ETB, the girls were meant to help the animal welfare students in their skills demonstration exam. I told the girls to help the students as much as they could - these humans need all the help they can get! When Jan, the tutor, brought them home she said they were great and could they come tomorrow, Pat said they could. I had took Rob to see his vet, the vet said he looked better and told him to keep taking his tablets.

So first thing in the morning I took Aggie, Ruby and Mrs O’ to Clonmel, Pumpkin said she had a prior engagement; I didn’t quite get it all but Pat was muttering about paperwork, Rob said he’d phone but had chores in town and we’d be late so I woofed hurry up and we left.

We left the girls at the ETB spoke to everyone we knew there and did the trip to the store and shops. I reminded Rob to ring home but the phone was engaged Pat was busy.

We called in to check a home going back and when we arrived - chaos ruled! Vicki was loading pups into her car, Abby & Cat arrived and the jeep was filling up with every one from the yard. All of a sudden we were off down the road following speedy fan Abby. Rob explained we were off to do a de-stressing session at WIT as the exam results were out that afternoon. We arrived and had a special room, lots and lots of people came to meet us all and we all ended up with lots of cuddles. The big noses, Mac & Murphy, claimed the sofas and did their normal - sleep. Finally everyone had their results, we all re-embarked and made our way back to the mountain. Upon arrival a new pup greeted us, Cricket has a very old injury to her front leg, Rob says the break hasn’t knitted at all. Pat & Rob checked her over and spoke to folks on the phone. I asked Cricket if it hurt a lot, she said not now - as long as no one steps on it. I told the puppies not to bash into her until she went to the vet.

Friday morning we went to collect our Cockatiels from Waterford, and a lurcher from the pound. We’re full now until more find homes. When I got back everything was busy something was up but no-one told me. All became clear when we went into town for messages. Rob explained on the journey that he and Pat were going on a special course to learn how to help the injured wild animals that end up on the mountain. Unfortunately the hotel would not let me stay. He gave me the job of caring for every-one (including Abby & Cat) whilst they were away. When we got home Joey was there with Cat & Abby and Pat was busy packing. It was sad when they left but everyone said they’d be back soon and it wouldn’t be for long. Lindy Lou missed Pat straight off, Tiny & myself pined a bit for Rob although all the visitors fussed us all weekend. How long is soon? I must get this straight with people. After dark Sunday the jeep arrived with Pat & Rob. Hooray, we all made a fuss of them and asked them what went on during the course, Pat said it was full of difficult sums, Rob said they must be poor in Dublin, the hotel didn’t have enough plates, some food arrived on roof slates! Perhaps we should send them some spare bowls? Thanks to everyone who came up to help during the weekend, I couldn’t have managed on my own.

Still I wonder what next week will bring?              

Love to everyone


January 18th 2015

Sunday was a busy day in the yard; Rob & David were putting a mesh roof on the yard pen so the lurchers could use it. This means my new friends Rosie and Lilly can have the big pen for their stay. I had great trouble keeping everyone out of the way of the works, Georgina the pig and the little ones kept trying to get the dog food in the pens.

On Monday it was decided that Dotty & the rest of the sheep should come in, the weather has turned bad on the mountain and they are close to lambing so need better quality food. It took a lot of time to sort out but we did it.

Tuesday was the highlight of my week; my friends at the ETB in Clonmel needed models in the beauty parlour. I got Aggie, Pumpkin, and Tinytoes into the jeep and off we went. It was lovely to see everyone especially Tina the tutor - we all had a wash and groom and the girls felt really special with their new hair dos. Later I got in trouble from Rob, while he was collecting the cat trimmings from the fish shop, I got into the messages and we ate Rob’s steak for his tea, it was better than the cheese he ended up with.

We were busy, busy, busy Thursday. Bold Katie the terrier X pup arrived so now 3 pups are running around the kitchen. The male pig went to visit his girl friend at the Camphill Trust, so I helped load in their trailer and made sure Blodwynn & Ginger stayed at home. Then we went to see Anthony at the store in Clonmel and brought the animal feed for the goats and sheep. We then went home to help Pat feed up early as Rob, Abby, Cat and Vicky went to Cashel for a meeting.

Friday was very cold and icy; Vicky rang to say she was stuck in the ice by Powers of the Pot. Rob and I collected ropes etc. and set off. The mountaintop had snow on it and it was very slippery, however we found Vicky and she managed to get up the other hill so all was well. Later the girls from the ETB arrived for their usual volunteer visit and they said the hills were still icy, with Pat having help I got Rob to cut some firewood so we would stay warm at night. Luckily we found housing for all the new arrivals so no one was cold. 

Saturday is always a favourite; Abby & Cat came to visit with Joey. Carolina and her friend also came so everyone had walks and the chores were done in plenty of time. I took Cat to town for the messages and called into Pet Planet for parakeet food for some of the birds. I inspected the shop and found everything in order; I talked to the customers and acted as if I own the place. I sampled the treats but really wanted the treat Cat had brought for Joey. Rob said it wasn’t for me so I had to give in. So back home for dinner and dreams of Joey’s treat. Life’s not always fair but Joey deserves his luck.

Love to everyone