January 15th 2015

My job as special envoy for Deise Animal Sanctuary sends me with my driver, Rob, on various missions every week. The Residents say I should tell of my treks, to prove how hard we animals work with our humans helping animals in need.

My week started going to Wexford for hay with Pumpkin. We met some lovely people who helped load the bales. Pumpkin made a friend with the farm sheepdog and had tremendous fun running round the barn. We must thank Joe & the farmers for making this happen. The horses and donkeys send their thanks.

Monday was a busy day Abby, Andy & Cat came to visit with Joey. This allowed Rob and Pat to visit the vet for their check ups. Glad to say they are both as well as they are. A quick visit to Clonmel for pig food and messages finished my travels.

Tuesday we needed to collect bird food from my friends at Pet Planet, I then guarded the truck while Rob went to the bank, thanks everyone who sent donations during Xmas we appreciated them very much. We went to the ETB in Clonmel to visit Tina and the girls who help groom us but we missed them all. When I got home Vicky had come to help, Rob told me she organised the shoe box appeal which meant we all had lovely presents over the Holidays, thanks everyone.  

Friday turned manic, I didn’t know where we we’re going next. First we went to Prior Park, Clonmel, to collect bedding and goodies from our new friends there. Then we had an urgent call to go to rescue a bird in a shop window in Carrick-on-Suir, luckily the little thing had escaped through the back door by the time we arrived, happy days. As we were there I collected my friend Tiny the Yorkie from his foster home. He’d had a famous time over the last few weeks helping with the festivities. A quick trip back to the mountain to offload, and lunch before another trip into Clonmel in time to collect and old friend Zoe. She had been homed two years ago via another rescue, unfortunately she ended up in Dublin with no-one to care for her, luckily her microchip showed she had been with us so she hitched a lift back to the sanctuary. Thanks to those involved along the way she came with me to the store in town for us to collect feed for everybody. My best mates Anthony and Pat helped us load before we went to see Popeye’s boss in the computer store. The computer thingy had  gone wrong but whilst I was with Popeye’s human the back room lads sorted out the problem for me. Result! A final call for messages before home for dinner.

What a day Saturday was. Lots of new friends came to volunteer, lovely to meet you all, Abby, Cat, Joey & Chloe came for the day. We also had lots of visitors including a nice family who fostered Zoe, she said she was happy to get some family time. Abby & Pat came with me and Missy to PAWS. Katarina from Sweden was visiting with Gina so Missy wanted to check out her potential new carer before her trip to Santa land.

I stayed on guard whilst Missy and the others went to drink tea and bark at each other. When Abby came back she said as Missy got on so well with Katarina the emigration to Sweden was on. When we returned to the Sanctuary Zoe had gone as well as a cat to new carers. As Cat & Rob hadn’t been out with me, I took them to Dungarvan to collect two new mates, Lilly and Rosie, they were so big they had to ride in the back. By the time we were home it was dark so bedtime was the order of the day.

Folks think my job is easy but I’m always on the go, luckily I don’t have to drive so I can rest between visits. I’ll write again soon and hope to see you at the Sanctuary or at a event in the near future.

Love to everyone